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Our mission is to provide those afflicted with Severe Fatigue, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), Fibromyalgia (FM) and related illnesses with a variety of resources from around the world with which to deal with these complex, and all too often, misdiagnosed conditions.

Our goal is to provide assistance on each individual's path towards wellness with particular focus in three areas:

  1. www.ME-CFSKnowledgeCenter.com is structured to provide basic information as well as Expert Assistance from leading authorities on these conditions and their impact upon our lives.

    It also seeks to provide references to support groups and resources as well as 

    various organizations and websites around the world where further, and more      

    localized, information and assistance can be secured.

  1. www.ME-CFSCommunity.com is a worldwide community where experiences and insights are shared by those who truly understand what it means to suffer from these afflictions, the afflicted themselves.

    The community provides FREE resources to facilitate direct communication

    between members no matter where in the world they are located through live

    Video Chat, instant messaging Chat, Blogs, Forums and numerous other


  1. The ME/CFS Pocket Money Research Fund (www.PocketMoneyFund.org) provides the means for those with limited means to join forces with some of the world's leading research scientists in our quest to identify, understand and cure the underlying causes of these conditions.

The ME-CFSKnowledgeCenter and ME-CFSCommunity websites are services of cfsKnowledgeCenter, a Not for Profit organization. They are user collaborative efforts whose structure and development is a product of the members of the ME-CFSCommunity themselves.




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