Your symptoms, what they may indicate more than you probably want to know and how to tell if your doctor knows what he is talking about

How It Affects Us

More about the disease and how it aects our body video and commentary by PhD

The Experts

Finally, you now have access to outstanding experts for the knowledge you need to understand and deal with ME/CFS, FM and their related problems.

ME-CFS Community

ME/CFS is a physical disorder. There are definite symptoms and physical findings associated with the disease.

Worldwide Resources

The following links from around the world have been suggested by members of the ME-CFSCommunity.

“Thanks for all the good work you do. I appreciate it and I know many others do, too.” Betsy L.

“Dan your courage and all you do to help others despite your health, is so inspiring & I know I speak for many of us when I tell you we are SO GRATEFUL…”  Monica C.

“I want to say thank you to everyone for your comments and to the fantastic CFS staff who keep us informed. This is a wonderful way to share what we deal with.” Dianne G.

“. . .  just another  note to say how very much all your work is appreciated out here in Sacramento… you are the most reliable source for research and other news.” Julie W.

“I’ve suffered from ME/CFS for over 25 years, and it has really impacted my life.  I find that your website has the best info”  Marybeth H.

“Dan, I’ve learned so much from you and your site that after 11 years of CFS I have been able to ride a horse four times over this last fortnight. I’m very happy to contribute my mite to your funds and hope that others will do also.

Your exercise forum and videos are second to none and have given me the facts and knowledge to be able to improve my activity levels to be able to ride again. I am being very careful and using pacing and rest, both when I’m out riding and in the days both before and after the ride.

To be able to ride again is like a dream come true for me. Thank you for giving me back an aspect of my life that I thought was gone forever.”  Suella P.

“I received the DVD (A Healing Journey for Chronic Disorders) two weeks ago, but have waited to reply until I had the energy to view it so I could give my feedback.

I watched and followed part of it this morning. I was unable to do the entire practice, but what I did was fantastic. I am so excited to finally have something geared to my illness! Her voice is perfect, so calming, and her direction is clear and understandable.

I plan to incorporate this into my treatment and am excited to try it again in a few days. I plan to make my OT aware of the DVD, as the clinic I attend places strong emphasis on mindfulness, meditation, etc. and I think this practice fits well with their philosophy. Thank you so much for making this available.” Nicki D.

“I’m getting quite a bit of hope from reading the articles, and wish to continue doing so! So thanks to all of you.” Claudine K.

“I appreciate your work on our behalf.” Hanna K.

“My daughter and I are both very grateful for the videos you have made of your path to wellness and add. Klimas. We are both benefitting and improving from following the advice in the videos.” Adrienne

“I came across your videos a few months ago, and they lead me to the community and forum. This has given me a new perspective on pacing, and so far, I have found a lot of interesting information in the existing forum threads.” Jon L.

“I wanted to let you know that the series of exercise videos you made have been transformational.  Prior to viewing these videos, my attempts to exercise were basically a disaster.  I would try to do a little strength training and I would inevitably trigger a crash.  But learning about VO2 max testing and how to modify my exercises to keep my heart rate within my safe zone have been game changers for me!  Since starting on this exercise protocol I have lost 25 pounds, and am stronger than many of my non-cfs friends!!! On some days, my heart rate is very sensitive and will spike even with small movement….those are the days I cut back on my activity…but on other days when my heart rate is better behaved I am able to work harder and add to my strength and stamina—but I always stay within my safe heart rate zone.  Without these videos I am sure that I would  have continued to gain more weight and become even more deconditioned.  Thank you so much for your work and all that you have done to help me and so many others!”  Paula D.

“Thank you! I feel like I found gold when I found this website! 🙂  Thanks for giving me the privilege to be able to share with others as I enjoy the input I feel others will contribute to my life!” Donna E.

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