The Experts

Finally, you now have access to outstanding experts for the knowledge you need to understand and deal with ME/CFS, FM and their related problems.

Clear insights and actionable information from widely recognized authorities are the hallmarks of the the Expert Assistance series of videos produced specifically for those afflicted with ME/CFS and related illnesses.

You’re sure to find these videos an excellent, and frequently referenced source of information on your personal path towards wellness.

We hope that you will respond in kind and support this effort to provide you with Expert Assistance with a contribution. Any amount you can afford, even as small as just $5 or $10, will prove to be a good investment in your own health and well being. Even such small donations are an important and meaningful contribution towards the development of these videos as well as the other programs and services for those afflicted with ME/CFS and related diseases.

Sleep Hygiene 
Basic Steps on the Path Towards Wellness with Natalio Chediak, M.D.
Length: 5:12 minutes

ME/CFS Sleep Issues & Treatments
with Natalio Chediak, M.D.
Length: 15:25 minutes

Sleep Medicines & Supplements
with Natalio Chediak, M.D.
Length: 11:57 minutes

ME/CFS Related Illnesses
with Nancy Klimas, M.D.
Length: 12:25 minutes

Gulf War Syndrome
with Nancy Klimas, M.D.
Length: 8:57 minutes

Securing Social Security Disability
with Lyle Lieberman, Attorney at Law
Length: 15:52 minutes



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